A resource for anyone who wants:

  • Information on the history of Narcotics Anonymous.
  • To learn archival skills and techniques.
  • A repository for Zonal, Regional, Metro, Area, group, and member archives.
  • To collaborate on NA history research projects.

We Provide

  • Access to a curated, searchable library of documents, images, and media files that are open to the public.
  • Resources to educate, guide, and promote preservation of NA history.
  • Opportunities for collaboration.

Selected Archives

Why Use Our Archive

Preserving the Message is not attached to any NA Service entity but we are completely committed to the preservation of NA History. We’ve built this website with the NA Fellowship in mind, by providing a place to store Group, Area, Region, Committee, and Zonal Forum archives free of charge, by providing access to a wealth of information, resulting in the acquisition of knowledge, igniting a passion to search further, and creating the inspiration to motivate you to suggest that your own service entities gather their archives to digitize and store for posterity. 

Having one central repository for all our archival material to share with our members, scholars, and professionals means less time searching for archival websites and more time searching through one archival library.


Preserving the Message is incorporated in the State of Pennsylvania as a domestic nonprofit organization. Preserving the Message is recognized by the IRS as a tax-exempt, charitable 501(c)(3) organization.

Managed by Volunteers

Preserving the Message is a volunteer driven endeavor. There are no paid employees or consultants.